CEO and Owner of The Hub Coffee Roasters, Mark Trujillo Shares His Passion with the Reno Community

At 9:30 on a Wednesday morning, Mark Trujillo was as awake as the first sip of coffee on an early morning. His skin was as tan as lightly roasted coffee beans, and his bold, vivacious demeanor was as rich as the Hub’s “Thirty-2-Cheney Espresso”. The CEO and owner of the Hub Coffee Roasters in Reno, Nev. radiates his passion for coffee from the inside out.

Trujillo is to open a new coffee location close to the University of Nevada. The 52 year old just recently expanded into the tea industry by opening a tea bar in downtown Reno on the river.

For years Trujillo has always been in search of the perfect cup of coffee, Trujillo has set his business apart from others.

“I was looking for something that you don’t have to put sugar, you don’t have to put vanilla syrup, you don’t have to do any of that. It’s a tough thing to look for perfection but I really wanted that… I wanted to do something like that here in Reno, and I wanted to be the first to do it simple” Trujillo said.

In 2009 Trujillo opened the Hub Coffee Company and immediately set a standard of excellence. This standard of excellence includes coffee from single source origin, and the knowledge behind everything that goes into each cup. Trujillo buys specialty coffee direct trade, and truly believes each cup of coffee tells a story.

“As I got into it, and got deeper into it, the coffee industry was more about just satisfying myself and other people. It was about the difference I could make in the lives of the farmers,” he said.

Trujillo started the company with his two kids, Jessica and Joey with the true belief that the Hub is about more than just coffee. For him the Hub was about some important values in his life, like cycling, community, and coffee. Trujillo has raced road bikes for years and wanted to bring his life’s passions together hence the name “Hub”. The Hub is not only where all the spokes on the wheel of a bike come together, but also where people can come together into a community.

Keeping bikes, coffee, and community in mind, the Hub’s “garage theme” played a big part while looking to expand closer to the University of Nevada. After finding the perfect building near campus, Trujillo plans to open another location and really encompass more of the Reno community. The new shop will open Nov.1, 2015 and will be located on 941 N. Virginia Street. It will feature their specialty coffee drinks, and even their new teas.

Born and raised in Reno, Trujillo graduated from the University of Nevada and soon entered the workforce as a distributor for Western Nevada Supply. It was there that Trujillo learned what it takes to run a successful business. After 20 years in the work force Trujillo’s fascination with South and Central America lead him to find his passion in the coffee industry.

“Through my first 20 years of being in the workforce, I knew there was something missing. I wanted to go into business for myself. What was that one thing that I really enjoyed and the one thing I was always searching for? The perfect cup of coffee.”

CEO and Owner of The Hub, Mark Trujillo and I