Introduction: Kyle Friesen

First, let me qualify myself;

My name is Kyle Friesen, I am 29 years of age, married to one beautiful wife for 10 years, have 3 fine children, work at Imperial Metal as an estimator the last 4 years. I have a love for faith, simplicity, coffee, technology and many other things found on planet earth.

So, I hope you now have a good idea of what your getting into, in the fact that I am not qualified in the least bit to be a writer, but the internet lets us get away with many astonishing things. Unqualified is at least the only thing that penetrates my amygdala, causing an emotion I must suffocate in order to hit publish and reveal my personal thoughts I care so deeply to keep inside, to the Internet or potentially you, the reader whom I do not want to cause conflict with but nevertheless may. So I throw these inhibitions to the wind and press the scary button

Now that I have established who I am and my personal fears, I thought for my first post I should share what I feel lead to speak about on this platform I’m using for personal growth, the following bullet list are a few of the topics I am hoping to touch on:

  • marriage: the good, the bad & the ugly
  • Building a habit
  • Budgeting
  • Camping
  • Exercise — my 15 minute, 3–4 days/week routine
  • Current apps I’m using
  • Coffee — specifically the aeropress
  • Graphic design workflows
  • Faith
  • Tech in the workplace

My goal is that this blog could encourage, guide or inspire even one person in their daily life. I am learning in these late 20’s years that to apply daily routine is critical to success in that particular area of life. For example, i truly dislike exercise, i’ve never enjoyed it, don’t feel like i need it, and i have never been able to stick to anything. About 6 months ago now i sat myself down, realized i want to endure longer periods of running & playing with my children, and get rid of some of the tight areas all over that possibly contribute to my migraines. So i made a non negotiable decision to make exercise a habit minimum 3 times a week. And what i’m finding is its helping me build consistency and habits in other areas of life, which at the end of the day allows you to feel better about where and what your doing with your time. I’ll dig more into the details of this topic in the future.

So to wrap this up, I’m definitely not qualified or trained to write or speak on the above topics, but I do love to talk about them and hear what others might have to say. I have also begun recently to appreciate difference in opinions, obviously done in respect, so i hope to to share in your positive and negative thoughts

And for the sake of visuals, here is a picture of who is writing this, along with my family. (I’m the oldest looking boy FYI)

Final quote:

If you change nothing, nothing will change — earnie larson