Differentiating your stations with Google Classroom and Screen Cast-O-Matic!

Welcome to our quick and dirty session on how to be in 25 places at once! It’s easier than it sounds and short of cloning your self, it’s the best way to individually instruct all your students at the same time.

First we are going to start with a video example of this practice in action. Click below to watch a 5 minute video of Screen Cast-O-Matic facilitating classroom instruction. We will be spending our time learning how to create this type of lesson, so while you watch be focusing on the teachers instruction and how it effects student learning in different ways. Try to notice when the students move between the stations (it’s not as obvious as you might think).

Quick note, this walk through assumes you have some familiarity with Google Classroom. If you don’t, or want a refresher just visit my previous article below or click on this link for Google’s own help site.

We will be using a free tool from the internet, which you will need to download and install to your computer. Click the link below to go to the download page, install the tool and return to this walk through. Please note there is a “pro” version of this software but it costs money, we used the free version for this and recommend you do as well!

Screen Cast-O-Matic will allow you to capture the actions on your computer screen simultaneously with your front facing camera, allowing your audience to see and hear you giving authentic instruction throughout the lesson, while student work remains the focal point.

Once you have installed the software locate an instructional item you are going to build a lesson around and open it on your computer. Think about your instruction but don’t make a script, we are keeping our video’s short, if you mess up or want to add/delete something it is just easier to re-record a new video. Now try it once, create a short clip involving audio and video of you delivering instruction. When your done, choose the “save to file” option so you can own the video on your computer.

For our last step, we need to assign the video we just created to our google classroom so our students can view it on their personalized devices. Create a new google classroom assignment (don’t forget the category).

And it’s just that easy. This article will remain posted forever and it is linked on our schools homepage, just off the technology section.