How do Mobile Technology affects Us ?

In our daily lives we usually depend on technology. But do we still remember the modern days that we usually have ? I know that technology helps us a lot , it makes our lives much easier. But in some ways it makes us lazy and numb.

People mostly disagree about having mobile technology in our lives because of the effects that it cause to us. First I’ll discuss the bad effects that makes millennials and children addicted to the new applications that they discovered.

One of the applications that millennials mostly use that causes lack of self confidence which is cyber bullying . The people who are not content of what they have, chose to humiliate other people and to have their happiness.

In other hands , their is also good advantages it may cause to a lot of people , especially to friends or relatives you have from a far . Their is also knowledge that you can learn from the new access that we have called the internet .Internet helps you a lot in many things especially getting updated on what happens to our world.

In my examples and given situation you may know or decide which side you may be in. So you can help people be disciplined and acknowledge them from using our new mobile technology.