Kyle Gibson
Aug 25, 2018 · 1 min read

Great Work Feeder Focus, You have done very well in “Demonstrating the creepy behavior of scams like The Billion Coin”!

I personally, I am impressed and grateful!

To anyone with a brain, the $10 wallet fee is JUST THE BEGINNING of fees and “investment” which scams like The Billion Coin take from their followers. In the public videos for TBC, anyone with a brain can recognize that sending BTC or credit card payments for TBC or Kringle Cash is a SCAM.

Also on the public videos; they describe “Cash Centers,” or volunteers running what clearly sound like unregistered money transmitter / or “Wildcat Banks,” and again, anyone with a brain can recognize this as a SCAM.

Perhaps I would be nice if you would participate in this forum in honesty, with a real persona, but alas.

“Intelligent people will be able to discern the Truth!” Yes, they will!

    Kyle Gibson

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