Missing Crypto Timeline: Third Update, with Charts and Summary

Find the third update to this project here, on KnowTechie:

As I said in the last update, but can’t stress enough: Thank you to everyone who reached out to assist with this project, on Twitter and Reddit! Also thanks to Kevin and the team at KnowTechie.

This afternoon I realized that a more interesting, and maybe more useful, way of charting these incidents is to show them on top of Bitcoin’s USD volume, rather than its price… so here’s what that looks like; these didn’t make the PDF this time but will be in the next version… (for the fourth iteration, I’m going to take the summary, clean it up, and put all of this into the PDF version… I am also considering creating a Wikipedia page; if you’re interesting in helping, let me know!)

This is BTC exchange trade volume, by day, and “Missing Crypto” incidents by “Amount involved,” or the reported value at the time of the event;

The Bitcoin price run-up in 2017 coincided with an increase in trade volume, of course; but it also, apparently, followed an increase in “Missing Crypto” events… Using these charts, one can make fuzzy estimates for how much of that Bitcoin trade volume has been laundered, stolen Bitcoin.