Educating one step too late

Recently I have been taking a class at James Madison University called Strategic Internet Marketing and the first day our professor Dr. Janna Parker ( gave a disclaimer that everything we are being taught could change at any moment. Throughout the semester she was right. Google had changed some of its methods for advertising PPC ads as well as updating some SEO search methodologies. Dr. Parker has done a fantastic job going back to review the changes but if she went over everything we wouldn’t have enough time in the semester. Seeing this issue first hand has brought an interesting problem to me.

The problem is how can students, professors, schools, companies, and let alone small businesses learn when most of the resources are just one step behind?

In the coming months I am going to try and alleviate the problem in my area of expertise e-commerce, and I hope if you are a school, company, or have some sort of influence in the digital industry you do the same. What we need to create is evolving guidebooks. These guidebooks will help those specifically willing to learn e-commerce or improve an existing store with the top strategies today. However, unlike the traditional textbook it will constantly be edited, developed, and changed constantly. This will keep the reader up to date if they are reading the text 1 month from now or 12 months from now.

Considering this is a test it most likely will not be around by the time you are reading this because of some critical flaw. However if it is, enjoy!

If you do get one be sure to reach out to me somehow and let me know what you think. I look forward to your feedback.

If you are interested in testing my evolving guidebooks check them out here.