Fall is coming

August 30.

When I went outside for my cardio this morning, it felt like fall.

It wasn’t the temperature, it wasn’t leaves falling off the tree, it was the “smell”.

It smelled like fall.

I can’t believe summer is coming to an end. Is it me or does it feel like this summer flew by? Regardless, this is the time of year where things can start to slide out of control from a fitness perspective.

It’s going to be September in a couple days. School is starting back up, lives get busy, the weather changes, fitness takes a back seat. Before you know it, its November and no one wants to try and get back on track during the holidays. Don’t let that happen. Get out in front of it.

Start being consistent with your diet today…#consistency ;)

Don’t let yourself skip another workout.

This is a mindset.

The best way to stay in great shape year round is to never let yourself get out of shape.

Let’s go!


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