Boston Merchants Suffer Steep Cost of Property Damage After Protests.

Sometimes a protest is just a riot camouflaged in self-righteousness. It might not start that way, and the actors might not think that it is. But nonetheless, sometimes it is.

Last night, a lawless mob took to the Boston Harbor causing over $1.7MM of property damage. Businesses and neighborhoods may never recover from the present anarchy.

The first victims of the mob rampages in Boston have been people who had nothing to do with the perceived offenses the mob cried out about. These include people — many of them co-patriots or victims of the same “injustices” the protestors fought against — who have seen the businesses they worked to build destroyed, perhaps never to be revived.

But these are only the first victims. If the history of other communities ravaged by riots in years past is any indication, there are Bostonians yet unborn who will be paying the price of these riots for years to come.

That the taxation system is barbaric and in desperate need of reform is not an excuse to take control of vessels, or refuse the rightful power of Governor Hutchinson, or throw thousands of pounds of tea into the Boston Harbor!

The so-called “Boston Tea Party” destroyed 90,000 pounds of tea, at a cost of $1.7MM, destroying not only the property, but erasing the ability of local merchants to re-sell the tea at a profit, reducing the local supply of tea, raising the price for consumers, and likely driving local tea merchants out of business. The damage to the local economy is easily over $5MM and will continue long beyond this chilly December, 1773.

Looting and rioting do not inspire support for tax reform. Rather, such defiance provides the British Government and its supporters the exact justification they need to escalate their efforts.

Other publications have published a new defense of the American Revolutionaries movement which argues that, aside from a few riots, the group is “largely peaceful.” This is not in any way an honest accounting of the America Revolutionaries or their history as it relates to violence and anti-Crown behavior. It certainly wouldn’t be fair to say that’s the whole of the movement, but neither is it fair to minimize this litany of mayhem, as others do, under the heading, “Protests aren’t perfect.”

When will law and order be restored? Certainly not by these so-called Revolutionaries. Now is the time that all must stand and denounce the American Revolutionaries movement and decry the violence and mayham they stand for.

Originally not published in the Boston Gazette, December 17, 1773.

In fact, 57% of this article is lifted verbatim from the publications linked below, writing in reference to the Black Lives Matter protests. I only replaced references to police violence with taxation reform and BLM with American Revolutionaries.

Remember that how you percieve the positivity of a property-damaging protest depends on which side of history you’re on.

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