My Experience With “Locker Room Banter”

When I was in college, some young women came over to my dorm one night to hang out. One of my guy friends who was there pulled me aside and asked me, “Hey, which one do you want, ________ or ________? Because I’ll lay off so you can have her.” And I swear to you on my daughters’ lives, I literally replied, “As if they have no say in the matter, c’mon man, let’s go.”

You know how I’m so sure of what I said? Because you tend to remember a lot of detail about the night you meet your future wife. That’s right, I married one the two women my friend put in the blanks, and it wasn’t because I conspired to pick her without her knowledge, but because, as it turns out, we just actually liked each other.

This moment in my life, coincidentally to the news of this week, happened in September of 2005, the very same month the #TrumpTape caught Donald Trump bragging about his ability to commit sexual assault due to his fame. I was 20. Trump was 59.

There. Is. No. Excuse.

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