Standing at the Crossroads, Believe I’m Sinking Down

The area outside my apartment

I’m going to do some talking about a location that fascinates me, it’s the area around the outside of my apartment, right outside of the Western Washington University southern campus in Bellingham Washington, just in front of the Campus Services building. It is a crossroads in several different ways, both literally in the sense that there’s an intersection, but also in a more metaphorical sense between the worlds of nature and humanity. I’ve got a front row seat to this collision of worlds, it all happens right outside my window, and it is very fascinating to watch.

Exiting my apartment, there is a path through a grassy area with bushes and trees, it is this area where deer will most often come to graze. Past that is the sidewalk and the road that leads to the intersection, which is almost always being used by cars and people who are going to and from the college campus. On the other side of the street is a grassy area with a lot of trees but only a few bushes, all of which is surrounding the Campus Services building. Since this is a crossroads, all sorts of people come through here in passing. From deer crossing the street, to college students going up to the campus, to younger students going home from school, even older people going up to the bus stop. It’s like observing a small slice of life in Bellingham passing by your window. One thing about this place that is pretty fascinating is whenever the deer show up, the interaction, or lack of interaction with the people passing by. It never fails to astound me how people can walk right by these, not exactly small, animals and not notice or react to their presence. It wasn’t until one morning when I myself did not notice the deer, that I realized why that happens, yeah the deer are big, but they are also very quiet. I thought that was fascinating how the natural world is around us all the time, yet we often times don’t pay attention to it in our busy everyday lives.

Another thing that I love about this place, and by extension all of Bellingham, is just how much beautiful natural scenery there is everywhere. While there is definitely plenty of nature around my place, it’s admittedly mostly all been shaped and placed by human hands. This allows for humans to efficiently utilize the space without losing the presence of natural life. This fusion and harmony between nature and humanity is one of the things I like best about Bellingham, and it is something that I hope anyone else who comes up to visit around here comes to appreciate as well.

I really like this apartment and the area around it, and I would hope that any other person who is visiting Bellingham, nature-lover or otherwise, could also witness and appreciate the beauty that is always surrounding us, whether it comes from nature or humanity.

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