Everything Comes True

What do you think about?

What do you really think about?

Or phrased differently, what thoughts consume your mind at any given moment?

This is not groundbreaking knowledge, but what you think about defines you. If there were one defining quality of an individual, I believe it would be their thoughts.

Now, some may argue that actions are the defining factor…but I would challenge anybody who said they have never acted in a way that concurrently conflicted with their thoughts.

The point is, our thoughts shape who we are…mostly on a subconscious level. What is the last time you thought about what you were thinking about? Sounds ridiculous. But is it? Find out for yourself. Here is the challenge:

Spend the entire day pretending that every single thought you have will come TRUE.

What if this were the case? Would you choose your thoughts a little more carefully?

Try this for a day. Heck, an hour…talk about perspective.