I Am Scared to Start

I am a terrible writer. Straight up bad. I want to be better. So what should I do?


Easier said than done. I am scared to start writing because I am bad at it. I am scared of people looking at my writing and dismissing it because it sucks. It is a vulnerable thing, to put your thoughts out there to the world and get either no or negative responses.

But you know what is guaranteed to not make me a better writer? Not writing.

If I dismiss my lack of skills as something I can never improve, and therefore refuse to even start, it is guaranteed that I will not get better.

But what if I start? What if I write a little bit every day? Will I become Hemingway? Probably not. But will I be better than I would have been if I never started? Guaranteed.

What are you scared to start? Maybe it is a new relationship, learning a new skill, getting in shape, etc.

Ask yourself…why haven’t you started yet? What do you have to gain by not starting versus starting? Spoiler alert: nothing.

I will close with this thought…what is scarier: trying and possibly succeeding, or not trying and guaranteeing failure?

You choose.

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