The New Republic *CoAuthors Needed*

Freshman year of college I began writing my short story, I wrote it in the present tense TODAY. I no longer have the original document, but TODAY does not represent how I perceived it.

This however was the cover I had chosen for my book, and the new working title will be Olympus has Fallen. I am creating this Medium in order to develop a working script/material in hopes to develop a realistic autobiography. I have always been politically motivated, I am not a Republican or a Democrat. I am a citizen of the United States of America, and ultimately the world. It is our job to continue questioning and investigating our publicly elected officials — or in my opinion, abolish the federal government all together.

Mission Statement:

Constitutional Democracy — the True goal of the United States of America.

Unfortunately for us, the constitution is 200+ years old right… It’s out dated…

Wrong. Dead wrong. We have all forgotten the gift of freedom that has been left with us in times of dire (not now) situations. This is where I step back and realize 99% of the population is exactly where we are needed. Blindly opinionated and fed minimal information about the true inter-workings of Big Government.

In order to keep things interesting…

I have decided to dedicate my time to writing a continuous blog/story about the current status of the Republic. This is where we need your help. The story will not be written by one person alone. I want to create a community of Role Players who dedicate their time to discussing in 2nd person about what is needed to be done to save society from the current volatile State.

Rules of engagement:

  1. No fighting
  2. No unnecessary profanity
  3. No script jumping
  4. And most of all, dedication to the project

This will truly be something unheard of. Not only will it be an interesting thought experiment to discover if group authorship is plausible (I intend to spend countless hours editing with an elite team of grammar and story tellers). In the end however I want to develop something that will not only build a story… I want it to represent something greater. While writing this “fiction” I want to discuss and brainstorm how we can collectively build something to make the story more interesting.

The story begins:

Role-play Character Sign Up

  • Kyle Knudson, Minnesota/USA
  • Founder (Current Position: The Light Bearer) I wish to Enlighten others.
  • __________, ________/USA
  • Citizen #0
  • __________, ________/USA
  • Citizen #1
  • __________, ________/USA
  • Citizen #2
  • __________, ________/USA
  • Citizen #3
  • __________, ________/USA
  • Citizen #4
  • __________, ________/USA
  • Citizen #5
  • __________, ________/USA
  • Citizen #6
  • __________, ________/USA
  • Citizen #7
  • __________, ________/USA
  • Citizen #8
  • __________, ________/USA
  • Citizen #9
  • __________, ________/USA
  • Citizen #10
  • __________, ________/USA
  • Citizen #12
  • __________, ________/USA
  • Citizen #13

Olympus Is Falling: The Primaries

I will begin my story and we can all write a few short pages upon our character development, but only after I complete my quick synopsis of the last year, and my pull towards TODAY.

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —


Whenever a story begins, you never get the full story. This simple but irritating position I am currently in is giving me a certain level of doubt, but also a smidgen of hidden optimism. It is something I suppose we all deal with at certain points of our day to day lives. It is comparable to the moments you first encounter with your public speaking engagement. or perhaps a common morning at a sit down coffee shop and suddenly you make direct flashing eye contact across room. Just for a moment, small blip of a second, you are directly observed by one or more person in the room. All your thoughts and inner life struggles are suddenly in the light for everyone to see… Or is it. Do any of us really matter. Will it even matter to me enough to do something different? When it comes down to these particular moments, you are the only thing you’ve got.

They say the real you comes out when you black out, oh how more could this be wrong but so right? Alcohol to the brain is a truth syndrome. A remedy to a particularity of stressful life paths we all coexist upon. Running seamlessly side-by-side, intertwined, and involved in one another business whether we like it or not. But realistically the question remains, does anything ever really matter?

With life, comes understandable difficulties, we all are given challenges that we ultimately do — or don’t — survive. The only thing that is truly controllable is your attitude.

— “Amazing, what great advice Dr. Kyle. Enough with the drama, this isn’t something you can exclusively own to your own beliefs. How arrogant of a Human being can you be to put your person on the line and attempt to say you know how to run the country … better… Sir, are you ok?” —

Dark shapes and blurry vision engulf when, ‘one, two, three, breathe. Am I still on stage, wait…’ — “Was it my turn to talk, oh no the cards…” — ‘why did they have to now; of all times. “Shi — “ — t, ‘oh no I didn’t mean to say that.’ Did I say that?

Alarm bells ring, my story! Thank god that its finished, oh no. This isn’t right, I remember so much more tha- oh yeah, forgot to dream about copying it onto a flash drive. I guess there is no use stressing over something like this, I still have till the end of the week for the first draft.

*Bzzz BBZzzzz*

Text from Sarah: You know we started 15 min early today for peer review signups right? Where are you I can’t hold this seat for much longer.

Looks like this semester is going to go about as smoothly as I expected, **ok, b there soon** Well I am going to have to decide between being late and unfocused… or later and calm. Always go with the second option people, in the long run — always more enjoyable.

Should I deviate from the script or stay with what really happened? The choice is yours, input will be started to be accepted now as we finally converge upon a role playing historical College campus where we all meet the first day, or I will continue with my story until someone else joins.