10 Social Media Tips I Learned From #AskGaryVee

  1. “People buy with their hearts, not their heads, and the way to every consumer’s heart is through a good story”- Gary Vaynerchuk

We all know those commercials that you cannot stop watching because it tugs at your heartstrings — — an insurance commercial that shows their child growing up, a dog food commercial that shows a puppy being adopted, or a car commercial that shows its technology saving a family’s life. What do all of these ads have in common? They tell a story that appeals to the viewers’ hearts. This type of content is so successful because it seems like the people in the story could be any of us. That is the type of content we should all try to achieve.

2. To make a post exciting, think about how your business of brand touches people. “For example, a hardware store. You are sadly mistaken if all you see is tools, adhesives and paint. Other people see their dream home, their kids’ fort, a finished honey-do list…” (Vaynerchuk, 201)

This tip goes back to the tip above. Think about how your products affect your customers and especially how they affect their hearts. Will your product lead them to a first date, a new group of friends, a brand new house. That is up to you to decide and to portray. That content is the type of content that wins.

3. Quality content can be defined as: “It appeals to the heart. It’s shareable. It’s native to the platform on which it appears. It breaks through the noise” (Vaynerchuk, 98)

These tips are gold when looking at content. The first tip applies to the two tips above, and something that relates to your heart is more likely to be shared.

The third tip means stop being boring. Instead of posting the same image on your Twitter, Instagram and Facebook make it unique to the platform and to those customers you have on that platform. For instance if you are on Instagram you want to make an image more aesthetically pleasing whereas on Facebook you may want the content to be what grabs your customers’ attention. People log onto different sites for different reasons, and you need to utilize that.

The fourth tip means making it something your viewers need to see and something that will catch their attention. In a world with so many companies using social media, how can your content stand out? How can you make it special?

4. Curating content is an opportunity to give a brand even more exposure. When done properly, it’s like being a DJ. You can take something and give it your own voice contextualizing it to your audience’s world (Vaynerchuk, 113).

Your content needs to be a mix of your own content and content you have curated from other sources. Curating content is an excellent opportunity to be more personable to your customers and to increase your reach. Find a great article that applies to your brand, and find what makes it useful to your customers and go for it. If you are not curating content you are missing an opportunity to grow your reach.

5. “Mold your content so that it feels native to these platforms and creates context, scratching the emotional itch that drew your consumer to the platform in the first place” (Vaynerchuk, 99)

This tip goes back to what I discussed in tip number 3. Your customers go to different sites for different things and because of different emotions. Find out why your customers are going where, and you can better give them what they are looking for.

6. When it comes to video, it is not about if it is longer or short, it is about the content (Vaynerchuk, 109).

It is easy to get fixated on one aspect of social media. You may read an article that says, “1 minute and fifteen seconds is the optimal video length for engagement,” but do not be tricked! If it sounds to easy to be true, it probably is.

The key to social is always the content. Rather than focusing on any other aspects spend time thinking of how you can produce the best content you can and do it. Gary Vaynerchuk gave the example of Avatar, the movie (109). This movie was 3 and a half hours long, but I bet most of the audiences stayed the entire time because the content made it worth it.

7. “One fan can be more valuable than 2,000 if it’s the right fan. For that reason, I would never tell anyone to abandon a platform entirely,” (Vaynerchuk, 120).

I think this lesson is extremely valuable. Just because one of your platforms is not getting as much engagement as another, you should never leave a platform you have started on because you never know what follower you could potentially lose. This tip is especially important when you are trying to reach a different age group than your own. It is easy to say that no one uses platform x just because you and none of your friends go on it frequently, but that is not to say that someone twice or half your age does not use it either. Social media platforms appeal to different type of people, and you want to be able to reach as many different people as you can.

8. The next new social media platform to become successful will be a platform that will make “Snapchat feel like it’s for old people” (Vaynerchuk, 150).

Young people are the drivers of social media growth for many reasons. Primarily, young people are the age group who is joining social media at the highest amount. Most adults have already made the decision about whether or not they want a Facebook, but you better believe the thirteen-year-old kid who finally gets a computer for his birthday will be making one as soon as he can. A platform designed for the youth is also likely to succeed because young people want a place where they can post without their grandmother seeing it, it’s nice to have something that is private.

9. “Good content should rarely be about what you want. Instead think about what your audience wants, and give them lots and lots of it” (Vaynerchuk, 100).

Social media cannot be for you, it has to be for your customers. Instead of thinking about what you want to post, think about what they want to see, and you will be more successful.

10. “Promoting posts is almost always a good investment if you can afford to target it properly” (Vaynerchuk, 105)

Ads on social media can do huge things for your company if you can find out how to properly target them which costs time and money. With the right amount of both, you can help your social media soar.