Consistency is defined as the steadfast adherence to the same course, principles, form, etc. Your ability to constantly demonstrate predictable behavior. It is used very frequently, but very few have mastered the concept to their full potential. Your habits are so ingrained in you that is commonly an automatic, monotonous routine. How do you improve on your habits? You must be aware at all times of your inner voice and channel it appropriately. It’s 3pm and that voice is screaming at you to grab a coffee but you recognize the intuitive voice in you saying that this decision will not be one you will be happy with when you are exhausted later that night while you’re wife wants to finish that soap opera she’s been talking about all week. Recognize that voice. Channel it. If you can identify undesirable cues and subsequent pattern, you are way ahead of the game in changing that habit. I would recommend skimming through “The Power of Habit” by Charles Duhigg. Sure, the book is pretty dry to read cover to cover but it does give you a thorough template on how to change undesirable behavior in exchange for a positive replacement.

Let’s take a look at two desirable habits that everyone desires: eating healthy and working out. I have gone in constant cycles of healthy eating and then 3 months later having a disastrous diet. There is definitely a correlation between your mood and your eating. Your eating and your mood. These two things ripple out through each other so tightly. If one is on point, it is likely the other is also favorable. If one is in shambles, it would suggest to me the other one is probably no better than average. Subtle changes can have a tremendous impact even over a couple weeks. Establish that couple weeks of improvement and your mind will follow. It will get easier and easier to continue that course. Sure, I like to have my occasional bag of skittles but it is on my time — not that inner roommate’s time. It is when I feel it is planned, deserved or as a reward. Burn those additional 240 calories in your workout so that can of pop at midnight is remedied and trust me, it tastes much better. I was notorious for the 2am runs to kwik trip for swedish fish, 3 suckers, a bag of chips and a big buddy. Those instant gratifications were all i subconsciously seeked for, and I did not channel them properly with my own consciousness.

Don’t wait for it to feel right. It doesn’t happen. The future doesn’t exist. It is much more advantageous to at least look at it that way. That way, the present moment has your full attention. Of course, be aware of the future and envision that person you want to become, but try to garner your energy to the present moment. That voice that says, ‘tomorrow I will go to the gym’, will be there literally every day until you fight it, and tell it “NO, not today, sorry, I’m beasting at the gym today!.” That voice will be less intense the next day, and the next, and the following week that voice becomes a whisper, until you reach the point where that voice no longer exists.

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