Self Discipline: Remember, you are the author of every moment, if you can exercise and establish self control, you can get anything you want in life. Through conscious thought and action, you can transform yourself into the person you want to become.

Try to eat away at temptations. It is a process, addictions, habits and routines become second nature once they are established. It is a process and identifying the problem is the first step in slaying the beast. You can put this into practice by limiting the time on social media, cutting out that regular soda or extra coffee, getting in that last rep that you normally would say no to.

Improving your self discipline means changing your normal routine, which can be uncomfortable and may seem like an insurmountable task. Remind yourself every chance you get that IT WILL GET BETTER. Once your actions change, your mindset will follow. It doesn’t happen the other way around, unfortunately, otherwise things would come easy. When I told myself that I was going to endure 6+ hour days of lifting and basketball, the first couple weeks were an adjustment period to say the least. There were times when my inner roommate (your thoughts)was telling me to quit, that I couldn’t do one more push-up, but it’s in that moment in overcoming that voice is when tangible changes commence. It becomes easier and easier to fight that voice in your head when you conquer it consistently. Establish yourself as a separate being from your thoughts, give energy to the positive thoughts, and disregard the negative thoughts. There will be times when a negative thought sprouts up due to anxiety, and at that moment, I collect myself, take a deep breath or two and erase that thought from my memory. Gone. I did not entertain the thought and therefore it will not stir in my subconscious. Above all else, it is a process — an extremely difficult one. The driving force that keeps me going is progress. If i see progress, that reinforces the positive decisions I’ve made and it makes them easier and easier. You’ll get to a point where you not only not have to fight yourself when getting that last squat in, but you’ll enjoy it. You’ll look forward to pain. You’re hungry for those moments when your body is in pain. Pain is the prize, it makes the champion. Prepare yourself and have a plan of how you’re going to endure those moments of immense pain and struggle because ultimately, that’s exactly what makes you.