Why I Left the Right: How Studying Religion Made Me a Liberal
Susie Meister

Very well said Susie.

I myself went through the same transition as you. You are right, it wasn’t an easy one, but

It wasn’t until I took the same approach as you to figure out where my heart lied.

Like you I grew up in the Evangelical “faith,” religion is more appropriate for this as, faith is a feeling and not an organized church body. I went to Wisconsin Lutheran Synod schools from Kindergarten through senior year of high school, went to church and all of that.

I’m not saying they were terrible times, quite the contrary, I still feel very very blessed to have been able to do all of that, and as I got older, or as you say, “less younger,” my mind and heart weren’t agreeing with what I was reading, and what they were preaching.

It was around the same time as you that everything changed. And continued to change. I wasn’t a card carrying Republican though, even though I felt that way, but I lost all respect for the way Our Savior was being used, as opposed to what He set forth when He was on this earth.

The right want you to believe in “Love your neighbor as yourself…,” but only if they haven’t done this or they don’t do that. The bottom line with this is if this following saying is true….


Wouldn’t He want everyone to treat each other that way? Something the Right doesn’t do.

Us on the Christian Left have the onerous task of being who we are, yet at the same time can’t alienate.

I am


Kyle K.

Bless You always

P.S. Also you were and are one of my favorite Road Rulers ever 😊