Experience is the Only Thing that Makes You Relevant

It doesn’t matter what you do or how you think something should work.

You could be a social media manager, business owner, CMO of the Fortune 100, street performer or an aspiring actress.

You might make millions or scraping by with a business in a desolate city or neighborhood.

You might think your demo button should be blue. You might assume people hate email marketing.

Your title doesn’t matter. Your past job description is irrelevant. The work you completed yesterday is all but distant memory.

In this given moment, the only thing that makes you relevant is the experience others are having with you and/or around you.

What should you be thinking about when forming your user experience? The subject is HUGE but I thought I would tackle a few thoughts around customer/user experience.

User Interface Design

Simplicity and ease of use.

This is a big one for me. This includes the entire user experience across every digital platform. Everything from the iPhone to the kiosk at the airport, every single digital interface needs to be easy to use and operate. Do I know how to print the ticket? Should I be clicking the content form? Where is the unsubscribe button in your email newsletter? The way people use your technology is extremely important to the health of your business.

On cool UX and UI design check out this post by Elena Yunusov.

The UI of YOU also matters but is a little weird. We are borderline Terminator meets Transendence but it still applies. Your clothing, body language and speech are all part of your user interface. You might think the mohawk and bright blue short-shorts are trendy but not when you are sitting in a sales call with a room full of bankers. You might THINK your user interface is cool and hip but if your users hate it. They will hate you.

Online Communication

You are the subject matter expert.

Online communication is everything related to the customer experience. Are you answering your contact form? Are you responding to blog comments, Tweets and LinkedIn posts?

People look to you as the subject matter expert. You might be great at baking cupcakes or can build a content team from the ground up. Your voice matters to your user experience. It matters to your brand. Are you the expert? Do you sound like the expert? Do you act like the expert?

Offline Communication

This is a huge category but speaks to the entire offline environment for a brand or person. How do you act when you meet someone? How do you shake their hand? Do you look homeless? How do your employees respond to questions? Is your receptionist friendly at the front door? Is it easy to find your product in your store? Does your point of sales system take credit cards? Do you only take cash?

I know too many questions… but it is just the beginning.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve walked into a retail store where the employees pretend you don’t exist. Their phones are WAY more important than selling the product/service that employs them.

Experiences shape everything. If you are not completely obsessed with your user experience you will become irrelevant.

Your user will demand it.