Live Video: It’s Not About The Content
Matt Hackett

Insightful, thanks for the thoughts. One of your points made me consider that an exciting part of live video is that in order to be an active user, you must also be a creator. I love platforms like this and I think they hold a special kind of potential. Snapchat and Live video fall under this umbrella. Platforms like Facebook, twitter, and instagram are used more for curation or less creative text based communication. Even with instagram, I can take pictures with any tools I like then upload to instagram, which is the case for most people. I love Snapchat because in order to use it I need to be a creator. I can’t curate. I have to create in the app and then share it. Live video shares this quality as well. It makes for a more spontaneous and exciting experience.

Your suggestions do make sense, but still I think that Live video has so much more to offer. I don’t think that taking traditional TV concepts or formats then simply making them live will cause much innovation or even reflect a more democratic offering. Thinking about the special daily moments that someone can spontaneously share live from the other side of the planet is whats so exciting. But agreed, the product just doesn’t do enough to encourage a great experience yet. Wish I had more to offer… I‘ll be thinking about this a lot.

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