This Is How You Can Face Service Failures The Disney Way

Kyle Lasalita
Aug 18, 2017 · 2 min read
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The Disney Institute has been known to provide time-tested techniques on how to achieve customer service excellence and I’d like to share something I learned from them.

I mentioned in my last entry how I love looking for service failures and talked about how these service failures can turn someone from a disgruntled customer to a raving fan.

Disney accepts service failures (135M customers/year) even if they’re not at fault and this is something that any business should try and emulate.

Even if these service failures are not your fault, they’re definitely your problem and whenever a failure is present, customers tend to be more sensitive to how their concerns are handled. This exact reason is why it’s always easier to handle the person first before diving into the issue.

Disney follows a 5 step process to handle service failures, they call this the H.E.A.R.D technique.

These steps are proven to ensure consistent service recovery every time. Disney stands by this technique and so should you.


You are the best person to hear this because you have the capability to make it right by them.


Saying empathy phrases like these shows how you understand their problem. It also creates a greater sense of trust.


You can never make it right no matter how many times you apologize, but this step is as crucial as the resolution itself.

A simple and sincere apology goes a long way.


Asking the manager for approval often takes time. Resolve the issue immediately if you can.

Use phrases like “How can we make this right for you?” or “I’d be happy to resolve this for you right now.”


“Seek perfection, and settle for excellence — Disney Institute”

Make sure that you analyze the issue and figure out why the failure occurred. Avoid blaming anyone for the problem and ensure that it won’t happen again.

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