Happy Mother’s Day To Eve and All Her Daughters

#HappyMothersDay to Mother Eve and all her daughters!

How thankful I am to belong to a church that teaches me to celebrate and honor Mother Eve’s choice to keep the greater of the two commandments so that we, all of us, might be.

Eve means “the mother of all living”. She is the wife of Adam and shares eternal glory with him. Eve’s recognition of the necessity of the Fall and the joys of Redemption is recorded in Scripture. Modern day revelation confirms the biblical account of Eve and gives us an awareness of her nobility.

Thanks to the instruction received in the temple, I can feel the emotion and passion of Adam and Eve’s Fall as one would experience the emotion and passion of Jesus Christ’s Atonement. For one would not exist without the other. Indeed, Christ would not be had it not been for Mother Eve.

How grateful I am to Mother Eve — for her faith, her courage, her determination, her gratitude, and her love for all of us — her unseen but unquestionable posterity.

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