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1. LeBron James ($7)

2. Steven Adams ($1)

3. Joey Crawford ($1)

4. Jason Phillips ($1)

5. The Cavs Minority Owner’s son ($1)

With both Lebron and Steven Adams on the opposing team, no way Draymond doesn’t punch some nuts and get ejected. Joey Crawford (the ref infamously known for throwing out Tim Duncan) would find some minutiae of a fault in the ever-cool Klay Thompson and eject him as well causing Curry to throw his mouth piece at the Cavs Minority Owner’s son which would give referee Jason Phillips the perfect chance to eject Stephen Curry. With their three players gone, it’s a simple 5 v 2 against KD and Iggy. Superhero Lebron is able to “the Block” Iggy’s best shots and Steven Adams takes revenge and out hustles KD to eke out a win for my Superteam.

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