App review: Xpire

Lately I’ve been seeing these random tweets saying something along the lines of “I just deleted 36 tweets with @GetXpire” or “This tweet will self-destruct in X minutes.” I had been using TweetDelete to automatically delete tweets older than a year, but I was interested in other ephemeral approaches to tweeting so I thought I’d give Xpire a try. I’m seeing more and more apps pop up related to cleaning up your digital footprint over the past few months, but none have been all that helpful.

Mark Cuban has funded the Dallas based app and tweets about it quite frequently.

The app itself is pretty basic. You can connect Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr accounts to it. I didn’t get into seeing what you could do with a Facebook account because I don’t have FB connected on my iPhone apparently (I use it so infrequently, I didn’t even realize this). I was really hoping for Tumblr it would allow me to easily go through a delete all the old posts. This is something I’ve been meaning to do for quite some time. However, the Tumblr functionality only lets you write a self-destructing post. I suppose if you only ever used Xpire to post to Tumblr you would effectively have an auto-delete site, but that would be pretty cumbersome.

The interface is clean and simple.

The Twitter functionality is what I was most interested in anyway. For twitter features, the app pulls in your last 3,200 tweets (apparently rate limiting by the API is an issue) and then lets you comb through tweets, favorites, expiring tweets, followers and users you are following. It also lets you just hit reset and delete all your tweets at once. All of these tools are useful, but I wish they let you select all or select a group based on some filter (older than date or containing keywords, etc.). In every category you’re forced to select everything individually, which is a bit annoying, although I wonder if that’s a requirement to stay in Twitter’s good graces. Quite a few companies have run afoul of their API rules lately, maybe this is Xpire’s way around getting banned, although I’m not sure if deleting tweets is explicitly banned.

Overall, it’s still pretty early for the app, the build I was using was only v1.5.2. There’s some interesting potential here and I’m definitely on board with anything that promotes lowing your digital footprint. Although the stuff that worries me is what I don’t have control over, or don’t even know exists in the first place but that’s a battle for another day.