67 steps to Hollywood, CA!

I just got done listening to #4 (Picasso’s rising tide and the law of 33%) of Tai Lopez’s 67 steps.

I remember when I first saw Tai Lopez, I was buzzing around on Youtube and came across one of his commercials. You know, the one with the Ferrari in the garage? Now, at first it really stood out to me because personally, I love reading, and he seemed so genuine, but I thought to myself, “No Kyle, he’s a trained assassin just trying to steal your money.” Well of course he is, he’s in business. I’m in business. What does that make me? (A hater, jk, but I wasn’t buying… yet)

I may have clicked on the link, but it didn’t go too much further than that. Fast forward several months. My friend calls me and asks me if I want to go to this conference in Hollywood, CA. I think to myself, I don’t need much excuse to go to California, seeing that I’ve never been and have wanted to, added to the fact we’re going to a business seminar which would make it a productive trip as well that I could also use as a tax writeoff for my business. So I did what I thought was prudent without knowing anything about the actual event.

“Okay, I’ll go.”

Come to find out, Tai Lopez was giving the conference. I kind of became disillusioned with the whole thing at this point. I still saw it as some kind of scam just to get people’s money and to buy something, after all I saw him on a Youtube commercial, and I hate those things. I don’t know where I keep getting this idea of the saintly entrepreneur that gives of his time and money freely hoping for nothing in return, but it’s not very practical. Not that being skeptical is always a bad thing. Napoleon Hill says all successful people are cautious.

So, I’m going to the conference, and of course I want to get the best deal possible on tickets because I’m frugal and I live by the “it can’t hurt to ask” philosophy (even though Seth Godin says that rarely true). I didn’t get the deal I wanted, but I did get access to these 67 steps, which I’ve been listening too (they’re about an hour long each) and I’m keeping a journal.

“And I gotta tell ya,” they’re good.

I’ve been in what I call “action mode” lately instead of the information gathering stage, so I haven’t been doing as much reading and listening as I would like to, but this has definitely been worth my time. Now purchase the 67 steps NOW so I can make my commission!

Just kidding.

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