Leadership: Character Comes Before Strategy

When it comes to leadership, character comes before strategy. You can be the most brilliant strategist, but if you suffer from an integrity problem, your ability to lead people is greatly compromised. You may have followers due to your stature or position, but these followers for the most part are there for their own reasons.

Further, an integrity problem results in failing to get the most out of your team. Strong leaders with established character benefit from building and leading high performing teams. Team members will faithfully follow these leaders. Even in circumstances where they aren’t entirely sure that it is the right decision.

Because the leader has integrity, team members trust them, and permit them a degree of latitude to take chances that might otherwise be considered too risky. The benefit of this degree of latitude is that established trust. Which avoids undermining the leader’s direction at the detriment of the project.

This can make a world of difference when it comes to whether a project is a success, or fails miserably.

If you have teams or members that are underperforming, before you start to ask “What is wrong with them?”, you need to take undertake an assessment of your own character and leadership abilities. Ultimately, you can throw an infinite number of solutions to address the deficits of team members. But these will be ineffective if you first don’t act with integrity in everything that you do.

The first question you should ask: What is the status of my own integrity?

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