Telling a good story is everything
Jason Toff

That’s a pretty comprehensive list. Nicely composed. I think the point on being a good actor would benefit from more extensive exploration/explanation.

  • On the one hand, you don’t want to be project an image that makes people lack confidence in you or the future of the company. Nor do you want to be unintentionally transparent to the detriment of either you or the company.
  • On the other hand, failing to be human and vulnerable, you fail to connect and lead as effectively as possible with others. As you point out, story is important. Evolutionarily speaking, stories have played a significant role in our success as a species, and in the formation and maintenance of societies. If stories are important, good stories are even more important. Good acting that is concealing or misdirecting from truth and honesty will have limited success. Ultimately it will undermine credibility and integrity, as there are always those that are able to see through the veneer of a well composed act.
  • The key is balance. One where you project the qualities that you need to portray to lead people effectively, while also maintaining some degree of vulnerability that allows them to relate to you. Its this balance that will ultimately get them to do some pretty incredible things under your stewardship.