Worse than our educational system? The beat.
Lukasz Laniecki

Great piece. I’d argue that there are also the truly lucky ones who have overcome the beat and societal pressure, to march to their own melody. Though few, those who choose a separate path are out there and growing in number in the expanding and complex world. The beat is strong and hard to ignore, but I think with one subtle change we can reconfigure the fabric of our interactions.

In the western works, our current shuttle of education and work massively favors the extroverted world view because it does most of the talking and therefore the leading. I believe an ideal reformation of our educational system would require a niche in which introverts can blossom. A safe environment where they can learn, excel, and carve out their own path in life. I think with more nourishment of the thoughtful, sensitive, and individual ideals that accompany the introverted world view, maybe the beat will start to fade. One day introverts might be coveted for their patient and calculated thinking leaving the bravado and group think of extroversion in the past.

Those who naturally question the status quo desire to leave the beat, we just need to ensure that they have the sufficient self worth to put down their drum sticks.

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