In Bellingham there’s a little store called Finders Keepers right across from the WTA Bellingham station with hours going from 11Am –12Am except on Sunday then its 11Am–5Pm. Now I don’t know when the store was established, why, or by whom, so everything I say about that will be guess work. From what I’ve seen the owners is the middle aged guy who’s almost always working alone behind the counter although there’s also occasionally what seems to be part timer’s working. The store as advertised on the outside is advertised as a toy, movie, video game, record, CD, and comic store but to find anything but toys and video games you will have to go all the way to the back of the store. The store itself isn’t that large around the size of a garage type storage unit at least the part that you can walk around in.

The store isn’t that impressive on the inside

(although the outside looks decent)

As they have recently moved and appear to have not finished entirely reorganizing the place so walking around is a bit of a pain since there tends to be stuff all over the place. If you’ve bothered to read this and decided to visit though the store by that point the store should have been cleaned up. But a plus side to the mess is that it means that it’s easier to find stuff that would be buried or stored in the back.

While it is a fun little place to visit there are actually quite a few downsides to the store; however I will only be listing the ones that matter to me. The most important to me is that the inventory hardly ever changes so after a couple visits in quick succession you’ll start to get really bored and not really wish to go back for quite a while. The problem is somewhat mitigated by the sheer amount of stuff inside should keep you busy if you don’t go around looking at everything all in one visit. The staff there also isn’t to terribly helpful as they seem somewhat unwilling to answer questions or help look for stuff. Also as I mentioned before the store is currently incredibly cluttered.

The store is a fun place to visit due to its large inventory of interesting little trinkets that are hard to find elsewhere. So while the place does have its fair share of problems it’s still a nice place to visit every once in a while if for no reason other than boredom.

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