The Ultimate Choice for Smart Drink — 6.0 Shot NeuroEnergy

Smart drink, intended to give renewed brainpower to its consumer, using a mixture of different stimulating ingredients that are naturally found in everyday food. The drink has no artificially engineered ingredients and is marketed towards everyone. Important for professionals for enhanced gaming performance, activeness and concentration for students to drink for all night mugging sessions, and for working professionals drink them for increased mental performance.

The purpose of this drink is to compensate for the loss of vitamins, carbohydrates, and minerals due to stress. Its composition is adapted to the nutritional needs of working professionals during their stressful job nature and for students to achieve active reading sessions.

6.0 Shot

6.0 Shot — NeuroEnergy is a must, regardless of physical activities. The first objective of a functional drink is to hydrate. The drinks are formulated to allow carbohydrates to be easily assimilated during exercise. They make it possible to reduce the exhaustion of body reserves.

Targeted at teenagers and young adults, who prefer them to coffee, tea or other classic drinks. The first of its kind with zero sugar and calories. These characteristic leads many to try out the virtues of these drinks. Thanks to the many professional minds with the genius idea of bringing you a SMART DRINK that allows you to be at the top of your game.

Are you looking for a substitute to reduce your coffee and artificial drinks intake while still maintaining your performance in gaming or studying? — Our 60ml 6.0 Shot is the next big deal for you, and it will enhance mental clarity and mental focus, which allows you to perform better mentally.

During exercise, hydration is essential to reduce performance loss. But after an hour of exercise, water is no longer enough! It is necessary to bring carbohydrates, and sodium to muscles which was loss during sweating. Our 6.0 Shot makes it possible to bring to the athlete’s body these two essential elements.

The importance cannot be overemphasized; 6.0 Shot contains optimal amount of carbohydrates, water, and sodium, which promotes assimilation to the essential constituents of the human body. Also, the drinks help maintain moisture in the body and facilitate the absorption of water during gaming, sports and studying.

These drinks are presented to us as natural and good for health. Also, they stimulate the brain and body, enhance intellectual vigilance, combat fatigue and even improve physical endurance. It is, however, essential to differentiate other drinks from 6.0 Shot. Our drinks provide minerals and help combat dehydration, fatigue and provide brainpower.

6.0 Shot is useful when you’re training hard and need an extra boost for a tough gaming session. The fear of caffeine and some artificially induced ingredients had been curbed with its ZERO SUGAR AND CALORIES, but it’s important you don’t get to the stage where you become reliant on them. When used in the right context, consuming functional drinks in moderation as part of a balanced diet can have advantages.

The Benefits of 6.0 Shot — NeuroEnergy

  1. Brain Function

- Scientifically backed ingredients that contribute to cognitive mental functions.

2. Energy Packed

- Vitamins and Minerals to replenish and recharge your energy.

- Reduction of tiredness and fatigue

3. Immunity Protection

- Protecting against immune system deficiencies.

- Protection of cells from oxidative stress.

4. Sourced From Nature

- Ingredients that are naturally found in everyday food.

- No artificially engineered ingredients.

5. Speedy Effect

- The liquid formulation allows faster and better absorption.

- Effective within minutes, lasting for hours

6. Organic Taste

- Flavored packed shot comes in a variety of fruity flavors.