5 Must Know Mantras That Will Help You Overcome Anything

When it comes to creating the life and business you dream of, many times your own success (and learning) comes down to two things…

Decisions and Mindset.

In fact, the mindset master Dan Sullivan says it best

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So while most people don’t realize it, we as human beings are constantly having internal (Conscious and Unconscious) conversations with ourselves. And for many of us (maybe even you), many times the conversation is anything less than positive, affirming and upbeat.

Think ‘CNN’ Constantly Negative News for _______ (Insert your name) playing around the clock inside of your mind.

If this sounds like you, know that you’re not alone.

I’ll confess that there have been seasons of my life where there have been decisions I’ve made that were less than ideal. Many times, those decisions eventually lead to outcomes that were what many would call “failures”.

Whether they were experiences along the entrepreneurial path…

Bad partnerships,
Mis-handled opportunities,
Lack of action rooted in fear,

Heck, there’s quite a few relationship blunders and decisions I’ve made that have left a trail of broken relationships behind me.

And while you and me both could sit around all day full of regret and pain around the past, the reality is if you were to do that you would be serving no one including yourself.

The truth is that our decisions can (and do) have a lasting effect on our lives, the people around us AND the world as a whole.

But even through our “failures”, the real truth is that you (and me) should never wish to take back any part(s) of our lives or hold ourselves ransom for outcomes and experiences that were a cause of bad decisions.

Confession: My name is Kyle and I’ve made some terrible decisions.

See the realness of life is this,

Every single one of us has a unique story that’s full of experiences, perspectives, and most likely LOTS of lessons.

It’s these collective experiences full of knowledge, growth, and wisdom that each us accumulate that make life worth living and experiencing.

So if you’ve been struggling with some negative self-talk that’s a result of a “learned” business experiment, or you’re going through a season where you might be questioning your value to the world, I want to share this absolute truth with you…

Your story and your life matters.

We all have ‘things’ that we’re going through on a daily basis.

And when you think about it, most likely your ‘stuff’ that you’re going through isn’t as bad as you internalize it to actually be.

In fact, if you’re reading this you most likely have a smartphone or a computer. Which means that you’re connected to the world where you have access to endless information, people, resources, and so on. PLUS, since most of the world still lives on less than a $1 per day… you’re pretty well off comparatively speaking.

This matters because as Peter Diamandis puts it in his book Abundance,

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It’s easy to get caught up in our own lives and forget to get grounded in what actually matters in life.

Especially (speaking to fellow entrepreneurs and founders) where it’s far too easy to assimilate your success as a founder with your worth as a human. Even if that assessment comes outside of the office doors.

And if you’re like me today, that office doesn’t even have to be an office. It can be a coffee shop, a beer bar, co-working space, etc.

Point is that when we’re grounded in the things that actually matter, we open ourselves up to new ways of thinking that create a view of the world where there endless possibilities and unlimited abundance.

This includes your…

Joint Ventures,
Business Opportunities,
and so on.

That’s why today I wanted to share 5 Must Know Mantras That Will Help You Overcome Anything (In life or business) that are meant to help you make the shift into an abundance mindset…

Mantra #1 — Happiness is a choice…

Many people seem to miss this. And in full transparency, I’ll call myself out myself that this includes me from time to time.

That’s why I’m always reminding myself that,

Happiness is a choice and it starts with a decision to just be happy.

And it’s through experience that I’ve come to believe that this internal ability for us as human beings to choose happiness comes as a direct result of one thing…


Why do I believe this?

Well, if you experiment with choosing happiness daily and do a little research, you’ll come to understand that biologically we’re naturally wired with primitive instincts that are focused on one thing… survival.

Our subconscious and conscious states are constantly searching for threats, dangers, etc., as a means of protecting ourselves from harm.

That’s why if you want to be happy, you have to consciously choose happiness as a state of being each and every single day.

Going a little deeper, you’ll see that it’s this choice of mental state that’s ultimately determining the outcomes in your life and business.

In fact, your ability to connect and influence others is very closely correlated to energy that’s being created as a part of this decision to choose happiness.

How do I know this?

Well other than personal experience, there’s many experts who swear by the ability to influence others as one of the top traits needed for business (and life) success.

One of those people is Bo Eason.

Yesterday, I was watching this video (if still live) where he shared quote…

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But what does this have to do with mantra #1 happiness is a choice?

Think about it like this,

So if being able to share a compelling story is a key factor in your ability to connect and influence others around us, wouldn’t you want to share a story that overall has a generally happy, inspiring, aspirational and abundant theme to it?

Not sure about you, but I know that I’d much rather see, hear and surround myself with positive stories rather than negative ones.

And that’s not to say that there aren’t times in a story when the character falls, faces defeat, and so on.

But if you look at the best stories that have stayed connected and been told generation after generation are those that have positive undertones and storylines to them.

So ask yourself this question,

“What story do I want to tell long after I’m gone?”

And the best part is that your story is your choice.

Rid yourself of the CNN (Constantly Negative News) and make a decision that you’ll choose happiness each and every single day. Do this and I guarantee that your life will be full of stories that are worth sharing long after you’ve come and gone.

Mantra #2 — Significance means a focus on contribution…

Have you ever had a time in your business or in your life where you’ve felt disconnected from your true purpose?

I know that I definitely have had seasons where I’ve felt a bit lost or what you might think of as off the path.

And what I’ve come to learn is that during these times it’s usually because I’ve been focused on the wrong things.

Usually, it’s when I’m focusing on success without remembering that to achieve significance it first starts with your contribution.

And contribution can mean many things.

Lots of people think of contribution as a means of measurement in terms of monetary contribution. And while this is true, it’s not the only way to give.

The amount that you contribute to the world around you also has to do with how you show up each and every single day.

By asking yourself…

Am I showing up to take from the world?
Am I showing up to give to the world?

You give yourself a way of keeping your intentions and actions in check.

It was only after surrounding myself with some amazing mentors and learning from the best minds in the world that I’ve come to realize that true success requires a few key elements including Contribution.

If you’re aspiring to achieve great things in your life and in your business, start by reminding yourself daily that in order to ascend upward toward the top of the mountain first you must first give of yourself.

Whether it’s contribution to your startup team, your community, your family, a mastermind group, and so on, remember to show up daily and contribute with everything that you have within your heart.

Mantra #3 — Suffering is just an obsession with one’s self…

Ever start talking to someone and almost immediately recognize that this person is out for numero uno?

***Hint: that numero uno isn’t you.

We’ve all been there.

But even sadder than someone who’s just looking out for themselves, is someone who’s trapped in their own mind focused solely on their own needs, wants, problems, etc.

The mind is a vast world that we’ve yet to even come close to understanding on a neurological level.

And what’s interesting is how an obsession with ones’ self can take over one’s body, mind, and spirit leading to a state of being that’s constantly suffering.

Maybe you’ve been there, or maybe you’re in a state of suffering and self-obsession right now. If you are, realize that in order to get out of this state, you just need to do one thing…


Decide daily that instead of living in a state of suffering, that you’ll instead live in a state of service, contribution and abundance.

When you obsess about providing value to others first, you’ll quickly come to find out that your suffering was a self-inflicted virus of which only you have the cure for.

Mantra #4 — Growth is a daily set of practices…

This one is where the hidden gold really is.

The legend Tony Robbins puts it perfectly when he said…

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So if it’s our daily decisions that ultimately lead to the outcomes in life and business, wouldn’t it make sense to choose to be in constant state of growth?

Having experienced both fixed state and a growth state of being, I can attest that things are much better when you’re constantly in a state of growth.

And many times, that’s where I turn to mentors like my man Shawn Stevenson for inspiration, coaching and advice.

Shawn’s a master of the daily decisions and growth practices that are the keys to living a life of model health.

Just recently on his Model Health show Podcast, he shared his 13 Rules of Model Health as a guiding set of principals and daily practices…

  1. Daily take an inner bath.
  2. Exercise with passion daily.
  3. Put you first each morning.
  4. Relationships matter.
  5. Preparation is key.
  6. Be present in all moments.
  7. Sunlight and nature are vital.
  8. Mediation creates clarity.
  9. Environment matters.
  10. Sleep Smarter every night.
  11. Consume and enjoy whole foods.
  12. Supplementation is a must.
  13. To become a master, teach.
  14. Practice gratitude daily. (Bonus tip from yours truly)

Each and everyday you have a choice.

Do you want to choose defeat?
Do you want to choose success?

The best part is, it’s up to you. The hard part is, it’s up to you to make the right decisions each day.

But know that when you choose the light, you will without question fulfill your dreams, aspirations and live in abundance daily.

Mantra #5 — Connection is what really matters in life…

Ah this one is the icing on the cake.

Seriously, we live in some of the greatest times ever recorded in human history.

We have the ability to connect with influencers, thought leaders, entrepreneurs, and so on.

And the best part is that you also have the ability to become a person of influence that impacts people around the world just like those that you currently look up to.

How does this happen?

Well, it starts with connection.

The internet is a beautiful thing. But the dangerous part of the internet (and technology) is forgetting that behind the screen filled with bits of information, tweets, snaps and so on, that there’s actually this amazing thing called PEOPLE behind it.

It’s because of this that I believe in the reality that…

People still do business with people.

And it’s this human connection that’s only going to become more interactive with the adoption of virtual and augmented reality tech.

But more than including technology as part of the conversation around impact and influence is the fact that more than ever before I believe we need human to human connection.

We crave for this and it’s a dangerous place to be in only working behind the scenes of a computer or a smartphone.

Make it a point weekly to not only communicate, influence and interact with your online // digital social communities, but to also get in touch with the people around you.

Whether it’s volunteering, visiting family, kicking it with friends, or connecting with fellow hustlers in your local co-working hot spot, create and schedule margin in your life to exchange ideas, information, experiences and life with those around you.

However, remember that not only is it about connecting with those around your.

It’s about connecting with the right people. People who’s dreams, aspirations, goals, and mission inspire you to achieve your own leadership potential.

As Max Lucado puts it…

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It’s my hope that these lessons serve you each and everyday single day along your journey.

Oh, and before you go…

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