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What Freedom Really Means For Creating An Abundant Life

Each day we wake up and many of us (including myself) ask the question without even knowing it…

What does freedom mean to me?

Sound familiar?

You may have either consciously or unconsciously realized it before, but I believe we all have thoughts about what freedom really means to us on a daily basis.

We think about it when we’re with our families, we think about it when we’re with our friends, we think about while we’re on the way to our jobs, we think about it… well, all the time.

And while you might be asking how do I know this, I’ll share with you why I believe this to be a universal truth.

See, I believe that because you’re reading this story today… there’s a high probability that you’re a living member of the free world. And as someone who lives during a place and time where you are privileged to have this freedom, it means that you also have the duty to decide how you want your life to be.

You have a daily duty to make decisions over things like…

Your actions,
Your mindset,
Your decisions,
Your energy,
Your focus,
Your passion,
Your dreams,
Your goals,

Well you get the picture.

And while my optimistic nature likes to think that people do get the point I’m trying to make, the sad part is that many people don’t yet realize that they have complete control over their lives.

As I sat on the sidewalk doing some people watching this morning, noticed many of them heading off to some place, not too distant in the future in which they seemed to be less than enthusiastic about going.

Right then, I started to think about my own freedom journey & reflect a little bit on what freedom means to me as I sat sipping my fresh expresso macchiato courtesy of Madcap Coffee overlooking my new stomping grounds in downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan.

See, so many of us… (possibly even you) are living life on auto-pilot.

Each day you wake up & start making decisions without realizing that you’re actually making decisions about your life.

You choose to eat food that bogs down your body & slows your mind.
You choose to be rude to others & to put only your needs first.
You choose to walk into that job which doesn’t align with your morals, values, or purpose.
You choose to run your business in a way that doesn’t consciously serve the world in a better way.
You choose not to be a leader in your community because you’re too focused on your own “problems”.
You choose to have a negative outlook for humanity based on the media coverage your putting into your mind each day.

Everything in life whether you want to admit it or not is a choice.

I know this truth because I, just like you am human.

But being human gives us something that other species don’t have and that’s conscious control over our outcomes.

Whether you…

Want to become a location independent entrepreneur so you have more time with your family,
Want to invest in your health and well-being so that you feel fully alive at all times,
Want to share your message with the world so that you inspire others to live better lives…

The fact is whatever you want to achieve in your lifetime is a choice.

Speaking from my own life, I’ve chosen to become a location independent entrepreneur so that I can impact people around the world and shape a new legacy for my family by creating wealth through starting businesses that are driven with purpose.

And I also choose to share these types of messages with the world even if only 1 person sees this and receives value from it.

Everyone has the ability to free themselves and create ultimate freedom in their lives. But, you’ve first got to release yourself from the prison that is your own mind.

I challenge you this week, to think about what freedom actually means to you. Write it down and start to live it every single day.

Even if it’s something small, freedom begins and ends with your choices. These micro-moments… or in simpler words, DECISIONS are what is molding your future.

So make the decision this week that you will declare your freedom and independence from poverty of the mind.

You are the master and creator of your life, but only you hold the compass that sets the direction for the rest of your journey…

I’m Kyle,

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