60 days in California, 1,500 new customers, and millions in savings.

When we started Clearcover, we got used to people telling us we were crazy. And at first glance, launching a new car insurance company in a market full of 100-year-old giants does seem a little crazy. They have thousands of employees, billion-dollar advertising budgets, and insurance mascots with their own Twitter handles. We had thirty people and an office with a leaky roof.

But we also knew that some of the big insurance company “advantages” weren’t as important as they seemed. In fact, they often result in higher prices for their policyholders. And we believed that if we built an insurance company that used advanced technology to seamlessly provide great car insurance in places it mattered, we’d be able to offer what people really wanted — better coverage at significantly lower prices.

In February, we launched Clearcover in California and got to find out if we were right.

It’s still early, but here’s how things went during our first 60 days…

We welcomed more than 1,500 Clearcover customers.

That’s just in California, and people are joining us at a faster rate every single week. So far, our initial guess seems right… if you offer insurance that’s easy to buy, easy to understand, and very affordable, in the places where it really matters to customers, you don’t need to spend a billion dollars on advertising.

People have switched to Clearcover from just about every insurance company you can think of: Allstate, State Farm, Mercury, Farmers, Progressive and more. We’ve even had a few big insurance company agents buy our coverage!

Our customers seem pretty happy about making the switch, too. Here’s a few bits of feedback we’ve received so far.

“I’m saving $40 a month with Clearcover! And I’m getting better coverage with a lower deductible. The signup process was very easy and transparent, I did it with little effort online. I was able to speak with a rep to set me up with auto pay and answer a few questions I had.”

“I recently switched over to Clearcover after having the same insurer for the past twenty years. Primarily because of the rates. Let’s be honest …that’s what is the most appealing…After a few attempts and constant communiques they did provide the success we were both looking for. This is a true company of the future with an old-fashioned idea of customer satisfaction.”

Our customers have saved a lot of money.

We’ve had customers tell us they were getting the same or better coverage for prices 30–50% less, just by switching to Clearcover. That’s hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars back in their pocket, every year. We estimate that, during their time with Clearcover, our first 1,500 customers represent more than $2 million in overall savings. And the average time it takes to purchase a policy is 10 minutes.

Of course, this is what we hoped would happen. But as the customers started rolling in, we decided to check our rates against California’s five biggest insurance companies to confirm the savings they reported. The numbers check out. The charts below compare online quotes¹ for the exact same coverage from these five companies. We studied three sample policyholders in the same zip code, since each might have different protection needs. Now, these comparisons aren’t perfect, as insurance rates will vary by individual, but it looks to us like Clearcover is a pretty savvy choice (that is, if you like saving money.

We welcomed a diverse group of customers… people just like you.

We wondered what kinds of drivers Clearcover would most appeal to and quickly found out that our customers are a diverse group.

They live all over California, with concentrations around large population centers.

Before launch, we often heard, ‘You’re insurance for millennials!’ But that felt limiting, and our customer base proves otherwise. 40% of our customers are over 35 years-old. We even welcomed two policyholders over 80 years-old.

Seems like saving money makes sense, no matter your age.

We also discovered that our customers like to shop for their insurance online and they do it at all hours with the peak shopping hours occurring between 1–4 PM PST. That’s one benefit of choosing a technology-driven insurance company — you can buy whenever it suits your schedule.

We’ve handled a variety of claims, helping our customers quickly get back to their lives after an accident.

Insurance isn’t just about selling policies, its about being there when bad things happen.

Since launch, our team has effectively (and efficiently) handled claims ranging from roadside assistance to multi-car accidents. We’ve had customers submit claims and photos via our mobile app, virtually estimating damage costs, streamlining the claims process and making getting paid faster. We’ve also handled roadside claims in just minutes.

What’s down the road?

We’re excited about our progress, and the people we’ve helped, but we’re also ready to do more. A LOT more.

Our proprietary technology platform allows us to integrate with companies, big and small, that help you shop for insurance, buy a car, or manage your finances. This platform is so advanced, we’ve been able to add partners at a rate 15 times faster than other insurance companies. We’re devoted to being present in lots of ‘moments that matter’ so more people can get the insurance they need at the price they should be paying.

We also have more great experiences to build, so our customers can buy and manage policies more easily and file claims even faster. All of this technology not only makes working with Clearcover convenient, but also keeps your prices low.

The way we see it, there are 25.99 million drivers left in California and many more across the country. We think many of them could be saving time and money with Clearcover.

We’re excited to find out if we’re right.

¹The sample policies were all located in San Bernardino, CA 92407. They had clean driving records, drove an average of 12,000 miles per year and were given all the discounts available in the online portal of each insurer.



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