Start where you are

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In therapy, a great clinician will meet the patient where they are to build relations.

In negotiation, a great navigator will focus on their opposition and turn it into opportunity.

In relationships, a great lover will treat their spouse the way the spouse wants to be treated.

In games, a great player will adapt to a dynamic environment with the opponent's moves in mind.

It is never about changing people — it’s about changing yourself in ways to inspire people. It is about changing the approach to a conversation to learn more about the other person’s wants and needs. …

You convince only yourself

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I struggled in my early adulthood.

We’re talking 17 to 22 or so — when a person gains a footing in the world and the daydreaming from a childhood of what could be, starts to solidify.

I thought there was an easy route, a path I could take that would let me coast through life without a care in the world. As you might imagine, reality bitchslapped me a number of times and tried to set me straight.

The trouble was that I didn't have a dream for myself. …

From nothing to everything

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Ready. Set. Go.

The beginning words. Retold by many and yet no sound wave was created. No vibrations. Nothing.

Dark and Light. Bad and Good. A tale as old as time, for time began when the words were spoken.

Our Knight moves with elegance. The Hero of this tale, unseen, yet omnipresent.

Our Villain blasts into reality, a Grace refusing to be contained by the Knight. The experienced pressure contained no longer. Nigh-omnipotent, the plan explodes into movement.

In all directions, our Villain, extends their hold — everywhere, at everything.

Metaphors and similes attempt to capture the chaos, the madness…

One line poetry prompt, Aug 5th

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Mirror, mirror, parallel life —
have reflections passed us by?
Who can say what is here is not more beautiful on the other side?

Your Turn —
Share your own one-line poem (16 to 30 words) or a Chalkboard Espresso (1 to 15 words) on the theme. Tag your piece in response to this post piece and tag your piece “One Line” or “Chalkboard Espresso” as appropriate. If you choose to publish a poem on another publication, be sure to leave a link in the response in the comments.

Kyle Nielson

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