Here we go!

We are leaving at the literal crack of dawn tomorrow and I have a feeling akin to climbing the first hill of the roller coaster. A little sick, super excited, and full of anxiety. I’m wondering when the feeling of joy with my hands high in the air will happen.

Did a little hair spectrum adjustment to red/pink and have packed and unpacked my bags so many times I think I have them memorized. In an attempt to get used to the ‘comfort’ of sleeping in a tent, we’ve set up our living room. Much to the dismay of our cat. Oh boy I cannot articulate how much I’m going to miss her.


Lizzie Stone

Lizzie is kind of a brave weenie. Only in the last year has she been able to bike to Manhattan from her home in Flatbush, Brooklyn (~6 miles) and now here she is: about to embark on a cross-country tour with a packed front fork of Gatorade.

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