The beginning of my design journey.

For some time now, I have been looking to enhance my UI, &UX, skills to better myself as a Product Designer. I started reading posts on medium, scrolling through endless tweets on twitter, & asking my fellow design peers for their generous feedback. I also recently started the Daily UI challenge that sends you a daily email with a simple design task to complete that day, and it's up to you to think outside of the box and make it what you can. But I wanted more. I wanted to really focus on my UI/UX skills, and experiment with ideas/concepts.

So, I started my very first personal project. I figured what better way to practice, and enhance my design skills than to create my own (fake) product from scratch. I was pretty excited to start this for a couple reasons. I have complete ownership, and say, on what this product is going to be. The concept, the colors & fonts for branding, the onboarding, the user experience, etc. It's going to let me experiment with new techniques and styles, and also gives me a chance to think with a new perspective, continue learning, and solve problems as I see fit. Lastly, I am not much of a writer, and I feel that my design communication, and writing skills, can improve. I feel that this project will help me advanced those writing skills since I will be posts/sharing my progress.

Let me introduce my personal project. It's called Lads. (My mother named it, so layoff.)

Lads is an application that helps children learn/practice their basic school subjects. It gives children a place to take courses/lessons on their favorite subjects, or pick up a new subject and learn everything about. It starts on a basic level of learning, and exceeds to an advanced course of education.

It's similar to a Skillshare user base, in that teachers/educators can sign up to be an educator, and create a lesson plans based on their subject of expertise.

Now that I have gave you a brief overview/breakdown of what the product is, I am very excited to start sharing my progress as it goes forward. I am open to any, and all, feedback, for this is what it's about. Practicing my UI/UX skills and growing as a Product Designer.


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