Why Keeping a Daily Journal Could Change Your Life
Benjamin P. Hardy

In my opinion journaling is such a tool to crystallize the many ideas we have throughout the days and it provides a really healthy space to reflect, question and embrace our emotions and current self. When I start, I am always faced with my day and I really look into how I’ve spent my time, already a fantastic exercise by itself, but I always end up breaking into the bigger picture of life and the ideas of value and happiness in my life. It’s been the perfect tool for me as I try to work towards making some of those changes you listed in the top of the piece, it’s a real enabler. Thanks for putting a lot of great ideas about journaling down here, enjoyed my read and hopefully it can inspire some others to try journaling. My biggest advice and the biggest problem I used to have was staying consistent with journaling because there were days when I didn’t feel like they were worthy of a journal. Then I made the switch and realized that these days were the just as important to journal and I needed to explore that feeling of not wanting to journal.

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