Angular version: 6 or later 
RxJS versions: 5.5 or later
Node Version: 10.9 or later

In order to write performant, maintainable Angular apps, RxJS knowledge is absolutely necessary. In this article, my goal is to help Angular developers leverage the reactive paradigm with RxJS in a clean, readable way by going over some common reactive patterns. This is not intended to be a comprehensive guide, but a foundation on which developers can continue to build their understanding.

We will take a look at the following real-world scenarios:

  • Getting data from a service
  • Reading route parameters and using them to fetch…

Angular version: 8.x 
Node Version: 10.9 or later

The Ideal Scenario

We’re building an Angular application and when we merge new code into the master branch of our git repo, we want our build tool (like Jenkins) to grab the latest code and build our deployment package for us. With our deployment package built (A.K.A …

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Angular version: 8.x
Node version: 10.9.0 or later

You’re working on an Angular app trying to add an interactive UI element like a simple dropdown menu. You have twenty browser tabs open and you’re trying to learn the “Angular way” of doing it. You want to follow best practices, but your frustration level is rising and you find yourself thinking why is it so difficult to do something that would have taken 10 minutes with Jquery and Bootstrap. Sound familiar? If it does, you’ve come to the right place.

Don’t sweat it— you’ve got this! It’s actually the perfect use…

Angular version: 8.x
Node version: 10.9.0 or later

Picture it. You have to find the perfect last minute gift so you open a new tab and do a quick Google search. You get the results and you pick the first promising link on the page. 1…2…3 seconds go by and the web page is just loading so what do you do? You click the “back” button on your browser and select the next promising link. Well, you’re not alone. Your first impression of the website was that it was slow and first impressions matter.

In Google’s Site Performance for Webmasters…

Angular version: 8.x
Node version: 10.9.0 or later
Angular material: 7.1.1 or later

Angular Material/CDK 7.1.1 came boasting some really exciting new features such as support for drag & drop functionality. In this post, I explain how it works and I walk you through how to implement it in your own project.

We’re going to build a simple, responsive UI for a to-do application. We’ll have a “Todo” list and a “Completed” list and we’ll be able to drag and drop to-do items back and forth between them as well as reorder them. …

Kyler Johnson

Principal Software Engineer, Angular Fanatic, React Fan, Node Enthusiast, .NET Core aficionado, Linux advocate, and Coffee Addict.

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