No, this is correct. Craig is the best Bond. The early Bond films are mostly garbage…
George Riedel

A little unfair to label the early Bond films as mostly garbage. We’re talking about a film franchise that has gone beyond a half-century. The current Bond era is simply different from the early Bond era, not necessarily better or worse.

Personally, I like Craig’s Bond very much, although “Quantum of Solace” was a snooze fest. I appreciated the grittier take after the Brosnan era, which still largely focused on the campy quality that had been solidified during the Moore era. But that campiness was fun. The Dalton films didn’t do anything for me, but I enjoyed many of the Brosnan and Moore ones. Lazenby’s one go at Bond was solid. And of course Connery started it all. “Goldfinger” remains the film I go to if I have to pick a favorite.

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