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Is Claire really doing a serious analysis of this? It wasn’t just released in honor of Red Nose Day. It was done specifically for Red Nose Day. It’s not really a legitimate where-are-they-now sequel. It just recycles a bunch of gags from the original with a Red Nose Day spin thrown in occasionally. Her in-depth read of the Jamie/Aurelia scene is insane. She’s way overthinking it, and she’s still hung up too much on the man/woman romantic relationships in “Love Actually.” There are a lot of other forms of love shown in the movie, and some of the depictions are very realistic. Look at Laura Linney’s character, for example. The movie completely abandons a cliched happy ending for her romantic life, instead showing the dynamic she has with her brother. Someone sabotages their happiness in their personal life because of their devotion to family? Yeah, that’s not realistic at all.

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