The Diary of an Illinois Boston Fan


What a great start we’ve had to our NFL Season. It just feels good to have football back in our lives. We’ve seen teams that should’ve been good start off horribly and vice versa…no matter how many times we think “there’s no way we could have seen that coming”, it’s just not true; we always should see this coming. The hot pick teams that are expected to sweep their divisions and become instant super bowl favorites notably fall off while the teams looking to compete for the top pick are suddenly relevant again. Just like a snap of the fingers, the Jags are 0–2 while the Eagles are 2–0 for the very reasons the other were supposed to be their opposite.

Jacksonville’s defense had a pleasant showing against Aaron Rodgers and the Packers, Rodgers just found lucky ways to win it. You could forgive a young Jags team for not knowing how to win a game like that. It was this game against the perennially decimated Chargers that makes you sent back and wonder what the hell is wrong in Jacksonville.

The Eagles look suddenly…revitalized? Carson Wentz couldn’t have gotten two better teams to start off the season. I personally believed Chicago and Cleveland would be surprisingly good but, thankfully for Wentz, I was very wrong. A rookie QB’s biggest advantage when it comes to development is when he gets to play. For example, pitting Jared Goff of the Rams against the 49ers in the late road game and then the Seahawks at home in front of the first LA crowd in 20 years would have been disastrous…especially with how his preseason went. Wentz, on the other hand, got two “in development” teams, one at home, allowing him to see real NFL action while letting his defense work their magic and getting more time to make reads against two of the worst secondaries the league has to offer. He took some serious shots and just kept rolling, undoubtedly improving his mental toughness to go along with his physical toughness. It’s only been 2 games and all 3 teams could completely change the dynamic, but after two weeks it looks like the Eagles are for real. On to the best and worst players.


6. Sam Bradford: If you can get a huge divisional win by throwing 2 touchdowns, on Sunday night, after only 2 weeks on the team then you’ve earned a king bid.

5. DeAngelo Williams: Again finding his way here. A touchdown and 130 total yards against the Bengals? Is Le’Veon Bell assuredly going to get the ball back when he returns?

4. Aqib Talib: A major reason this Broncos team keeps winning without a legitimate QB, Talib’s pick six was a player of great coverage and physicality that he brings to the table.

3. Carson Palmer: Bouncing back from a heartbreaking home loss to the Patriots, Palmer rebounded against the energetic Tampa Bay Bucs to lead his Cards to a 40–7 win, the expected results for a team so talented from top to bottom.

2. Matt Forte: Old running back playing for his second career team and bursting through for 3 tds…you hear that one before? Usually forgotten on Thursday nights, don’t worry Forte, I remembered you.

  1. Phillip Rivers: No Keenan Allen, no Stevie Johnson, no Danny Woodhead, an old Antonio Gates, a battered offensive line. But Phil freaking Rivers still throws four touchdowns like the Hall of Famer he should be against what was supposed to be a good Jags team.


6. Devin McCourty: For the same reason he was in the Kings last week, he’s in the Jesters this week. With a 31–7 lead, his loafing around late let the Dolphins back in it at the end setting up needless dramatics

5. Ezekiel Elliot: Elliot almost fumbled away a key victory for the Cowboys. I know he’s a rookie but he’s got to be better than he was these first two games.

4. Aaron Rodgers: The generally calm Rodgers looked shaky in the pocket and seemed to hold on to the ball too much to make home run plays instead of tearing apart the Vikings D like he’s used to.

3. Russell Wilson: I admire him trying to gut it through but he needs to sit down and get himself healthy or risk his and his team’s season.

2. Andrew Luck: Two turnovers that went back for turnovers. It’s Denver, I get it, but this was an uncharacteristic day for the “Bronco Killer”.

  1. Bills front office

Once again, not a player here. The firing of Greg Roman is the thing that’s made the least sense in the NFL this year. You lose a game 37–31 and fire your offensive coordinator? Not the defensive coordinator that has been beleaguered? I don’t think firing either one through 2 weeks was a smart decision but this was the worst one they could have. If anyone wants to know why the Pats keep winning AFC East titles, look towards the ownerships of the other 3 teams.

Week 2 Favorite Plays

4. Von Miller sack fumble of Luck: Miller is a one man wrecking crew and has been the very definition of defense winning games and championships.

3. Larry Fitzgerald’s Catches: Be it the catch while being mauled by Brent Grimes or the all out dive in the flat, he refuses to age appropriately and he’s a joy to watch.

2. Blount’s Leap: Another year, another LeGarette Blount hurdle. He’s unreal some times.

  1. Jannoris Jenkins FG TD: Nothing I love more than blocked FGs. It’s an execution of everything that can go right for one team and wrong for the other.

Random Thoughts for the Week

What in the world was that Giants and Saints game? The Saints defense is TEEEEERRIIIIIBLE. That Giants offense is actually really good. So how did that game end as a 3 point battle with both teams scoring less than 17? It made no sense. Even with how good the Giants defense is, that should have been a Giants blowout. That game cost a lot of people fantasy games.

Speaking of fantasy and or survivor leagues…I lost 5 of 6 leagues (including 3 to my wife) and my work survivor league. I’m much more bitter about the survivor league. Why? Because I picked the Lions and they LOST BY ONE point in a game when they had 4 freaking touchdowns called back on penalties. Rest in peace my survivor league.

What would someone give up for Jimmy Garrapollo? In 6 quarters of play, he was rated as the best QB this year. Now he’s hurt and likely will only see one more game before Brady returns if any. What would a team like Chicago, Cleveland, or Arizona give up for a guy that could clearly be their QB of the future? It’s interesting to think about.

Thanks everyone. See you later this week!