Welcome to Kyle Sanson Outdoors!


I’m Kyle and this is Kyle Sanson Outdoors. This blog and website will be dedicated to all things fishing with a little bit of adventure thrown in.

Over the past couple of years I’ve been working on making a name for myself in the outdoor writing community. To do this, I enrolled in the North American School of Outdoor Writing (NASOW) with Roger Brunt. This has helped me hone my writing skills from the academic style I learned in school to a more journalistic style of writing.

With this new found knowledge, I began sending query’s around to various outdoor publications. Last year I had an article published online by a new Canadian magazine called, Wild Guide. This article touched on my time working at a remote fishing lodge in Northern Ontario and then discussed why all young outdoorsman and woman should pursue a similar opportunity. Click this link to read it: http://wildguide.ca/working-fishing-lodge/.

Following this, I didn’t have much luck finding a place for my writing. This, combined with a variety of other reasons, was why I stopped writing for about 10 months. I recently found some of my articles and ideas for articles and decided to get back into it.

After doing some research into different companies, I found Limitfish Media. They are a fishing focused media company based in the Ottawa area and have worked closely with FLW Canada in the past. I saw an ad that they were planning on launching a magazine this spring so I sent over a query for an article idea. This article will be published in the first edition of Limitfish Magazine and I am now a staff writer for them. Check your local tackle shops in the coming weeks for the first edition of Limitfish Magazine!

With all that being said, this blog will focus on my adventure through the fishing world. I’m planning on fishing some tournaments this summer so a lot of it will be about my experiences in that. Some of it will be focused on my day to day adventures of fishing in and around the Oshawa area, while others will just be about different things I feel like writing about. Maybe I’ll even throw up a post about my cross Canada camping road trip I did last summer!

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Happy reading and tight lines!