First Round NBA Playoffs Predictions

It’s the best time of the year. It’s NBA playoff time. I plan on building a fort in my living room and spending the next two months living and breathing every second of the Playoffs. Please send food.

Here are some predictions for how the first round goes down:

Eastern Conference:

(1) Celtics vs. (8) Bulls

The 2009 first round series between the Bulls (7) and Celts (2) might be one of the best first round series of all time, but don’t expect the 2017 rematch to be. The Bulls are not a good basketball team. They might be able to win a game or two, if they’re able to get IT in a bunch of pick-n-rolls and turn him into a defensive liability for Boston. Even then they’ll have to out rebound Boston 2 to 1 (which most 6th grade basketball teams could do anyways). Expect Bradley or Crowder to step up and smash this team of misfits outta the playoffs.

Celtics in 5.

(2) Cavaliers vs. (7) Pacers

No amount of Lance blowing in LeBron’s ear is going to help the Pacers. LeBron has been to 6 straight Finals. Cavs will start playing defense and cruise right past the Pacers.

Cavs in 4.

(3) Raptors vs. (6) Bucks

This is the best first-round matchup in the East, in my opinion. Giannis has been playing out of his mind and his supporting cast is no joke. That being said, Toronto is too good. They made all the right moves at the deadline and Lowry is back in the line-up.

Raptors in 6.

(4) Wizards vs. (5) Hawks

I think I speak for everyone when I say I can’t wait for a 2nd round Celts/Wizards series.

Anyways, Wiz will smoke the Hawks and whatever half-ass rebuild they put together this year.

Wizards in 5.

Western Conference

(1) Warriors vs. (8) Blazers

Nurkic is out for now and at best, he plays with a broken leg- and that’s not even the worst news for the Blazers. The worst news is Durant is back and they have to face a Golden State team that’s somehow better than their 73-win team last year. Lillard and McCollum might shoot the Blazers to a win, but don’t expect this to be much of a series.

Warriors in 4.

(2) Spurs vs. (7) Grizzlies

If you’re hoping for a series similar to the Warriors/Blazers, you’re shit outta luck. This series should be low scoring, lots of defense, and kinda boring. The most exciting thing about this series will be watching Marc and Pau battle each other for the title of favorite Gasol child. These teams split their regular season series, but don’t expect much of a fight from the Grizz here.

Spurs in 5.

(3) Rockets vs. (6) Thunder

No one has shut up all year about the MVP race between Harden and Westbrook, and with good reason. This will easily be the best first round series in West. The Rockets are the better team here, but expect The Brodie to take over. He’ll probably also play like 44 minutes a game. The bad news is the Thunder are so mediocre without him they could easily lose games in the 4 minutes he’s on the bench. Combine that with Patrick Beverley’s defense and the fact that the Rockets could easily hit 20+ threes a game in this series, and the Rockets come out on top, barely.

Rockets in 7.

(4) Clippers vs. (5) Jazz

This will be the other great first round series but with two teams going in very opposite directions. This is the last ride for the Clips. Their core is getting older and has yet to do anything in the Playoffs but complain to refs and solidify Chris Paul as everyone’s least favorite NBA player. For the Jazz, they need to win to keep Gordon Hayward’s wandering eyes off Boston in free agency this summer. These teams match up pretty evenly, but the Rudy Gobert/DeAndre Jordan matchup is going to show just how done this Clippers team is. Prepare for another Clippers post-season collapse.

Jazz in 6.

That’s my picks. Who you got? Comment below.