Lance Stephenson Is Still Definitely Lance Stephenson

Lance Stephenson returned to Bankers Life Fieldhouse on Tuesday for the first time as a Pacer since 2013–14 and it looks like nothings changed. We probably could have seen coming though, considering when Lance was asked how he thought his return to Indiana would go, his answer was next level Lance:

“It’s going to probably be like Michael Jordan coming back to play in the NBA or something like that. Somebody coming out of retirement. The atmosphere is going to be crazy.”

This isn’t the first time Lance has compared himself to the goat.

Remind you of anyone?

Despite him being closer to Michael Scott than Michael Jordan, Lance played pretty solid game in his return. He had 12 points, 3 assists, and oh yeah, he almost caused a brawl at the end of the game.

Lance caught an inbounds pass around halfcourt with 3.3 seconds left in a 15 point game, and decided he’d try to pad his stats a little, instead of dribbling out the clock like a normal human being. The P.J. Tucker was not a fan of this. DeMar DeRozan was not a fan of this. They both bumped Lance on his way back, as Cory Joseph tried to throw the ball at him. Tucker went after Lance but they were separated.

Lance (sort of) apologized after the game,and said he “just did it for the fans”.

UPDATE: : Lance gets petty on Instagram.