Is The Art of Storytelling Changing?

Storytelling has always been the act of sharing a story and telling it in a way that evokes the audiences emotion, whether it be through a book, movie, or around the campfire. However in todays world it is moving into the world of marketing and advertising and that has sparked some conflict. On one side people believe that “storytelling” is just another buzzword that will cease to exist this time next year. They also believe that a brand using the strategy of storytelling to sell their products isn’t really storytelling at all since they have a profitable goal behind it. Traditionally they believe storytellers are authors and movie directors not a corporation. In his article Bobby Rettew had this to say about what qualifies as a story “I define rich stories as stories with layers, elements, pieces that are delivered a little at a time to hook people into no longer realizing they have peripheral vision…that moment in time you are totally embedded into the storyline”.

Sure it might be difficult for an organization to share a story that truly hits all these elements but I believe it can be done. How much better would marketing and advertising be if it evoked the viewers emotions and was something they actually wanted to see rather than todays bland and deal orientated advertising. It is also widely believed that storytelling will be a huge skill in business in the coming future. Stories do in fact evoke emotion and give a new element to be shared that a customer hasn’t seen before. It rids us of the boring fact based communication that we are surrounded by in today’s world. In the article “Once Upon a Time: Is Storytelling Just Another Buzzword?” they covered exactly what it is that makes storytelling great in the eyes of the consumer. “Storytelling adds that emotional component that will make people want to change, more than what any fact-based communication can do on its own”.

I believe storytelling is not overused but just beginning to cover more aspects than what it traditionally has. It hasn’t changed however as long as brands and corporations provide true meaningful and engaging stories that show the true colors of their company. It is a powerful way of communication that is now part of the business world and here to stay.

-Kyle Schrader

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