Teetotaler Part II

So I finished my month of not drinking alcohol. It went really well and I can recommend it to anyone to try out. A month is not that long and you might just learn something interesting. I learned two interesting things, one of which I could never have anticipated.

First, by not drinking alcohol for a month I found that I could still have fun. I could still go to parties full of drunk people, act crazy myself and have fun. I didn’t stick out like a sore thumb. I didn’t have less fun. I didn’t make people uncomfortable like I had expected. Basically nothing changed. The average interaction at a party went, “You don’t have a drink. You need a drink!” “Thanks, I’m not drinking alcohol.” “Oh” “But I am drinking water so that’s good… stay hydrated.” “OMG! the craziest thing happened to me. I didn’t drink water…”

Interestingly I still felt hungover the day after going to parties. It turns out that lack of sleep does that. So perhaps most hangovers are more a result of lack of sleep, breaking the circadian rhythm than drinking…

Second, I learned that I could set my mind to something and then do it. I had this itch do try something else out for a month. I felt like “whoa, I can just say I’m going to do something. There will be temptations. And I am stronger than the temptations.”

Not drinking for a month also helped with spending as a side bonus.

What it didn’t help with was losing weight. I think I either kept my same weight or maybe gained a bit because I had the munchies when I would have been drinking a beer.

This month I am setting a new goal for myself: get great abs. I’m going to do it by not eating carbs, doing the T25 work out and not eating any snacks. It’s going to be 100% strict just like last month when I didn’t even take a taste of a home brewed beer my friend made. I have always wanted great abs. I hear that great abs happen in the kitchen, not in the gym. So I’m going to test it out. I have no plan to keep great abs. Perhaps next month I will set a goal of eating oreos the whole month and get fat. It’s not about the destination or staying at the destination. It’s about the journey and then starting a new journey.

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