Culture is what you do.

That’s the simple version. Culture is history too. It’s what has been done, what people agree on, what they want. Culture, in its simplist form, is you and what you are surrounded by.

This is why I don’t think authenticity is real. Or it is in the sense that everything is authentic. Someone pretending to be someone they’re not is purposefully misrepresenting themselves for a reason they’ve decided is important. If that’s not an authentic representation of a person, I don’t know what is.

People take a deep dive into culture for many reasons. I mean, it really is interesting. There are vast differences between all kinds of cultures that always revolve around the same topic, which is people. A mariachi band will use a tuba in a completely different way than a German Philharmonic Orchestra. As will a woman who lives in the country, likes to garden, and has found a rusty, old tuba at the dump.

What kind of clothes can you wear which will make everyone in the world admire you, respect you, or at the least, not hate you? The most globally accepted piece of clothing would be a suit, and second to that, pants and a button down shirt, but you still may be ridiculed for that. If not, you may be ridiculed for your face, your hair, or the color of your skin. It really doesn’t matter what you look like, or what you do, someone in the world will dislike you.

Culture is constantly changing. It is a statement of today, made on the bedrock of yesterday.

This gives you a great power, which is to do whatever you feel like doing.

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