Often, we turn to data points to complete the story we’re looking to tell.

Perhaps we do this too often?

What about starting the creation of the story by grazing data points and chewing on the numbers so we start with well-nourished questions so our answers lead to better plans, campaigns, and results?

Thought I’d practice by looking through a variety of data points sent my way the other day.

Thoughts on TikTok, divided into what sticks out from a People and Brands/Agency perspective, written while drinking one pot of coffee.

Doubt anything that you’re about to read hasn’t been said before. But wanted to get my main thoughts down before I forget them in the shower.


Ice Bucket Principles & Social Currency Are Core To Its Functionality

Dances, tricks, challenges — they pop up all the time on the platform, allowing a regular couple in Stouffville to act like J-Lo & A-Rod.

It’s the Ice Bucket Challenge all the time and participation has its rewards: likes, comments, followers, but probably more important IRL conversations focused on what you did, how…

Notes On Lateral Thinking For Marketers & Their Businesses

I received some books back on December 25, 2019. This was one of the books.


I’m fortunate enough to be able to work from home while we all try to come together, flatten the curve, and regain some level of normalcy.

I like reading and watching things. But too often, I save an article and leave it saved, email myself something to look at later and don’t, leave a link shared by a friend hanging in a chat platform without being clicked. But right now I have more time, less distractions. I’m going to put this to use and share how it goes.

The structure is simple:

  • Link to what I read/watched
  • Why I…

I’ve thought about this for awhile. Off and on when the moment allowed. Never more than a few minutes at a time. But definitely for awhile.

We need to bring back movie intermissions.

I’d like to think I know how — at least from a marketing and communications perspective.

What’s to follow are slides I’d use to sell through the need for movie intermissions and how to promote them to decision makers at AMC Theatres. I chose AMC Theatres because they popped up when I Googled, “Largest movie theatre company in the world.” So they seemed like a good place…

Make Work Look Like It Used To Work.

To our detriment, we devalue the past within agency and client boardrooms.

While we look back at what was once fashionable and wear it once again, return to playlists from years gone by to invoke the joy of the memory associated with them, and reminisce of past adventures with friends we do not dare bring forward a business idea, principle, dash of reasoning sourced from a time of fewer screens and even less technological jargon.

So we end up here.

Image source: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/Y0zz3

As I type this, there are just over 80 days left before 2020.

We — people working in media, advertising, communications, PR, marketing — are looking forward and asking, “What’s next?”

So what’s your answer?

Less startup whimsy and more business basics, CMOs flexing their reinvented vision, the rise of traditional media, “number of fucks” cultural thinking, and brand existence — these are my answers.

I’m dealing with client briefs right now. I’m certain many of you are too.

It’s that time of year. That time when people start thinking about the next year: What’s needed? What’s expected? What are the problems? What should we do?

This is a fun and challenging time of year. There’s so many possibilities.

It makes sense that with so many possibilities we also start thinking and discussing “trends.” This is probably why I read something on TikTok and attended a presentation on Generation Z this week. We’re being asked to think about tomorrow. …

The West Wing is a great show. Not was a great show. It is a great show.

See, I’ve re-watched the West Wing every year for the past four years. This year will be my fifth.

I was too young to recognize the show’s quality when it first came out and my parents were tuning in. I started watching the show because I read an interview of a Head of Strategy when I was still in school. The interviewee recommended the West Wing, claiming something along the lines of: “It’s the best show to understand how communications works.”

I now…

Kyle Sergeant

“Experience & Apply” is my motto. Canadian. Reader. Writer. Analyzer. Strategist @Neo_Ogilvy http://storyandplanning.com

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