Leaving Isn’t Failing
Felicia C. Sullivan

Quitting isn’t always failing. Sometimes it’s not “quitting” but “moving on”. I hate being relativistic but it really does depend on the context, one’s reasoning, and the implications of your choice.

Good blog Felicia. For about three years I wandered around after high-school, doing all sorts of jobs: a printer for 9 months; painting houses for a summer; a brief stint as a waiter just to know for sure that I’d hate doing it; a crappy warehouse job for a big corporation; wrote a few stories for a local newspaper during the holidays; helped a couple friends who needed some miscellaneous help and were willing to pay for it, either around the house or at their business.

I came to a similar conclusion where I realized I’d swung too far the other way. University *was* the right choice for me after all. I don’t regret my wandering though. I still needed to figure things out for myself.