1. What was the message the film maker wanted to convey through the film?
    The film maker wanted us the Filipino to be more aware of our own Philippine History. He wanted us to be informed of what our Filipino ancestors or heroes did for our country to be free from invaders. The Philippines went through a lot of hardships and bitter starts but we Filipinos still managed to get it through. That’s what we Filipinos are; strong, independent, brave. That’s what the film maker want us to be aware, what we Filipinos are.
  2. Was the film engaging?
    Yes, the film was engaging in a way I was touched of what our Filipino heroes did for our country. The film made me realize of what we Filipinos are capable of doing. We are strong by heart and in nature. The film made me proud of being a Filipino since the film itself showcased what a Filipino can do to make our satisfaction put in experience and how we are great in all aspects.
  3. What was the ‘function of art’ being fulfilled by the film?
    The function of art that was being fulfilled by the film is our own Filipino places. It was shown in every part of our movie how beautiful our country is. Our country is rich in culture and traditions and it was conveyed in some parts of the film. Function of art was also fulfilled when metaphors are being used in some dialogues of the characters. Another function of art that I noticed are the Filipino Attire in the early times. We are usually in our Kamisa Chino or in a Barong. Kamisa Chinos represents those who are low class men who usually are Farmers, while those men who wear barongs are middle-class or high-class who usually works at the government.
  4. Describe the aesthetic experience you’ve encountered while watching the film, if there is any?
    The aesthetic experience I’ve experienced is when the last part of the film was shown, there was an imitation of the Spoliarium when Heneral Luna was killed by his fellow Filipinos. I was truly amazed was that because I was not expecting of that scene to be imitated by a great art. I was greatly shocked when Heneral Luna was really invulnerable even with those multiple shots that he received. It was a strong message for me since it speaks that Heneral luna is the Philippines, a stong one but murdered by its own fellowmen. It deeply hurts my heart that why that scenario happens even now in reality, betrayal.

5. What/Who does “Joven Hernandez Jr.” represent?

Joven Hernandez Je. represents as the mind and body of the dead General Juan Luna. He narrates all the goals of Juan Luna, to have peace in this country and defeat those Americans. Heneral Luna was extremely a great General, but abusive as they say. But no one can deny the fact that he is the real and the greatest general of the Philippines and we lost it by our own hands. Joven Hernandez was a good character in which is strong for the film. He gave Juan Luna’s death justice since he was proving all those negative comments about his reign in the group. Indeed Heneral Luna was true in his saying that “Ang kalaban natin ay ang sarili natin.” No doubt he is absolutely right. Our best general was killed by our own.

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